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  • Trying Out
    It’s been roughly a month since I wrote my first blog. It’s been an experience which taught me alot. And for me to explain to you what it taught me, I will have to narrate the experience to you first. Here it goes… So, I wanted to write blogs, because I knew I can doContinue reading “Trying Out”
  • All black social media site!!
    French football legend who also played for arsenal and fc Barcelona Thierry Henry announces that he is going to disable his social media accounts . Main reason; racial abuse towards the black community. What do you think about this…. You’re probably black . Would you do the same? So in support of the black livesContinue reading “All black social media site!!”


About Me

Hi, I’m Gabriel, a Kenyan student . My blog sensingthesixth.art.blog was started during the corona pandemic so you can imagine that it was inspired by boredom. I get most of my inspirations from boring situations like Sunday services and first dates. This blog is meant to give you a different perspective on different things in life in a sometimes provocative way. Kindly! Do not get provoked, keep in mind that even i sometimes get provoked by my own mind. Do you see me taking any offense? I guess not. So why should you?

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